Classical wisdom combined with modern healthcare.

Body & Mind Acupuncture offers expert treatment blending ancient wisdom and modern science with sustained excellence. Working with all ages to achieve health, wellness and wellbeing.

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Reiki Treatment


Using a gentle needling approach and subtle diagnostic techniques that have been developed and refined over the last 4000 years. Classical acupuncture works to restore and optimise all aspects of your health.  The careful  insertion of ultra fine sterile needles in specific acupuncture points stimulates the body to both heal and to function at its optimal level.


Qualified in specialist fertility acupuncture we use look at the whole of you and your lifestyle to get the most comprehensive view of your fertility health. Once we have this full view we can advise a bespoke treatment plan, looking at supporting your journey, whether it be alongside IVF techniques or your own cycle with acupuncture treatments, lifestyle and nutritional advice. We appreciate that each woman and couple's fertility experience is very different and our goal is to use the unique holistic approach  of Chinese Medicine to create a unique treatment plan to support you on journey to conception and through pregnancy and birth.

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Whilst this is often a wonderful period in our lives it can also be a time of great tiredness, stress and sometimes physical pain and illness. So many treatments that we might usually turn to are unavailable to us during our pregnancy. With this in mind we can use the uniquely holistic approach of Acupuncture to look after your emotional and physical health and support your pregnancy throughout the three trimesters. Acupuncture is also a wonderful support in the final weeks of your pregnancy to assist in softening and relaxing the cervical muscles, helping you throughout the birth.


Whether a full treatment with our luxurious gold needles, inserted gently to stimulate collagen production and improve the elasticity of our skin to a relaxing 30 minute gua sha facial massage, using a  wonderful jade Japanese facial tool with essential oils to help sculpt your face and improve your skin tone

Woman Receiving Acupuncture

Restoring your health, improving your life.