Healing You, Head to Toe

Clare has amassed a wealth of experience from her successful career in the NHS spanning twenty years. She pursued her passion for working in the operating theatre by undertaking a specialist two year programme with the Royal College of Surgeons. Training to operate in cardiac surgery, Clare went on to be one of the few individuals in the UK to hold the position of Cardiac Surgical Practitioner.

Whilst taking a career break to start a family Clare discovered the wide ranges of healthcare available and after experiencing amazing results first hand her interests turned towards Acupuncture with it’s unique approach to our bodies and minds, in health an illness.

She studied for four years at the International College of Oriental Medicine and Greenwich University. Working alongside bringing up her family she completed her BSc(hons) in Acupuncture and is now a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

Alongside this, Clare has also undertaken training in Facial Acupuncture with the renowned acupuncturist Paul Adkins and loves to use the treatment not only for its cosmetic benefits, but for improving mental clarity and emotional well being.

“I have had great results with women of all ages but especially peri-menopausal and menopausal ladies, who have loved the treatments."

Her personal approach is to offer a bespoke healthcare treatment, integrating her knowledge, skills and experience to tailor the most appropriate treatment for the individual needs of each person.

“I love to meet new patients, and believe that everyone’s journey is unique and always so interesting."

Through a unique and holistic approach, Clare’s treatment aim is to optimise the body’s health, including it’s own healing processes, improving the client’s physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. She genuinely looks forward to each new challenge, big or small.