Welcome to Body and Mind Acupuncture. Where our goal is to use the rich tapestry of Acupuncture, with its 4000 years of wisdom and experience to bring health, wellness and wellbeing to everyone, regardless of where you are on your health journey. With our expert practice we aim to support your health using subtle diagnostic techniques, and gentle relaxing treatments, to optimise your potential and balance your physical, emotional and mental health.

Acupuncture works to restore and replenish. no matter who you are or what you do, we can all benefit from taking measures to improve our health. Acupuncture is a natural, sustained and positive mode of healthcare that treats the patient as a whole, not differentiating between physical, emotional and mental health, it recognises that ill health so often encompasses all three. It allows each person to be treated as an individual, tailoring  bespoke treatments to suit even unique and complicated health and lifestyle combinations.



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